Services Offered by a Family Dentist

When you utilize a family dentist, you will have access to services and oral care for your entire family. Not only will a Family Dentist in Wichita KS provide you with dental cleanings, but they will also help with preventative care and maintenance for life-long oral health. Learn more about the services offered by family dentists here.

Gum Disease

Gum, or periodontal, disease is a type of infection that affects your gums, teeth and the bone that surrounds and supports your teeth. Gum disease is the number one cause of tooth loss in adults and early detection can help prevent severe cases of this problem. When gum disease is found early on, you can discuss your treatment options with your dentist to help minimize your total bone loss and also restore your overall gum health.

Restorative Services

If you have teeth that are cracked, worn down, broken or damaged in any way, then services of restorative dentistry can help you to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile you will want to show off. When it comes time to seek restorative care dentistry procedures it is important that your dentist discusses all of the options that you have.

Root Canal Therapy

Each tooth that you have has a certain number of root canals. Many issues that occur with your teeth are infections that can spread to the pulp of your teeth, which is located within the inner chamber of the tooth and contains blood vessels, various tissues and nerves. When the infection becomes worse it can start to affect the actual root of the tooth. Root canal therapy is a type of treatment that has a high success rate and works to remove the tissue that is diseased and will stop the spread of the infection. Then the tooth will be restored with a filling so that the natural function returns.

If you need dental services, consider visiting a family dentist, who can provide dental care for your entire family. There is no reason to hesitate for dental care when great oral health is easy to achieve with the services that are offered by these dental professionals. Call Antoine Wakim, D.D.S to Schedule Your Appointment Today!

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