Small-Space Decorating: How to Choose a Bedroom Set in Chicago

Matched furniture sets make it simple to attractively decorate your Chicago bedroom, but they can be tricky to buy if you’re short on square footage. Between a bed, nightstands and multiple dressers, many furniture sets will overpower a small bedroom. If you like the convenience and cohesiveness of a Bedroom Set in Chicago but have a bedroom that’s on the small side, keep reading for some tips on finding furniture that will work well in your space.

Go for the Minimum

If you have limited space, look for a Bedroom Set that comes with just the basic pieces. At the very least, you’ll need a bed, one or two nightstands and a dresser. Elaborate sets that feature multiple dressers or chests probably won’t leave you enough floor space to maneuver.

Measure Carefully

When space is limited, it’s important to measure everything in your bedroom. Carefully measure the length of each wall and the width of your room. When you’re at the furniture store, take a tape measure to accurately gauge whether or not each piece will fit comfortably in your space. You should have at least 2 feet of space on each side and at the bottom of your bed so that walkways aren’t too cramped. You should also be able to open drawers and cabinets and still have space to move around them.

Look for Tall Pieces

Tall pieces can be very functional if you lack floor space. Pieces that are wide and long will only cramp your bedroom. Instead, look for tall chests or wardrobes. This will allow you to take advantage of vertical space that might otherwise have gone unused. Just make sure the pieces you choose are slender enough if you have a narrow bedroom.

Find Nightstands That Work Hard

It’s important to make every piece of furniture in your bedroom set in Chicago work hard for you when you don’t have much room. Since you’ll probably be limited to only one dresser or chest, look for nightstands with drawers for extra storage opportunities. Many nightstands also feature multiple levels of shelving to give you more surface space for books, plants or decorative items.

Finding the right bedroom set can be a daunting task if you don’t have a lot of space. Keep the tips above in mind and visit Marjen Furniture of Chicago to find a bedroom set that will fit your needs.

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