The Importance of Representation of Disability Lawyers in Atlanta

If you are no longer able to work due to a disability, you may qualify for disability benefits. The process of filing for disability benefits is a long, tedious and often frustrating process. There are a number of legal documents that must be filled out and in many situations the Social Security Administration may not approve you for benefits on the first application. The best way to overcome the denial or to go through the appeal process is with the assistance of Disability Lawyers in Atlanta, such as Affleck and Gardon.

Disability Lawyers in Atlanta are familiar with the laws in Atlanta pertaining to disability. A disability lawyer will be able to assist you with correctly filling out the paperwork required and can often times increase your chances of winning the appeal. Many applicants who apply for disability benefits become discouraged after the first denial and assume they do not qualify. In many situations the reason for denial is due to a lack of correct information in the original application. A disability lawyer will review you previous application and evaluate your case to help determine if you meet the requirements of the Social Security Administration for disability. When you meet with the attorney for your consultation, he will review your previous application and help you determine if you indeed qualify for an appeal.

Once the application has been completely filled out and all of your documents have been carefully reviewed the attorney will file the necessary documents for you to appeal the original decision. One of the best benefits of having representation of a disability lawyers to help you file for benefits, is that the majority of disability attorneys do not require up front payments or fees for their services. When you are struggling to make ends meet because you are unable to work due to your disability, not having to worry about fees for legal representation is important. When your case is viewed by the Social Security administration and you receive your decision, if you are approved, the lawyers fees will come out of the first payment you receive and if you are not approved, in most situations the attorney waives their fees, so you do not have to pay for his representation.


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