Taking The Advice of a Social Security Disability Lawyer in Camp Hill

When you are applying for social security income or social security disability, the most important thing for you to prove is that you have some kind of disability or injury that is preventing you from being able to work. Even if you do have that illness or disability, you need burden of proof within your application in order to get the benefits you desire. Outside of hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer Camp Hill, there are a lot of other things you can do to try to increase your chances of getting approved the first time.


You need to list every injury, illness, and disability that affects your ability to work. Sometimes a person is more likely to get approved for the combination of health conditions that they have. A person who only has one of those conditions might not be accepted because the social security office feels that they could still work. You need to remember to include any emotional and physical problems. For example, if you have anger management issues or you have a hard time talking to people, these are things that should be included in your application. If you get the help of someone such as Attorney Michael F. Brown, chances are pretty good they are going to recommend making sure you use the actual medical names and terms to describe your conditions. Actual medical terminology tends to sound more serious and it also tells the person reading that you know what you are talking about.

Your Social Security Disability Lawyer Camp Hill is also going to tell you that you need to discuss any medications you have to take any side effects they might have that limits your ability to work. Maybe you have a disease that puts you in chronic pain and you take prescription pain reliever that warns you not to operate machines while taking it. You would not be able to drive a car let alone operate the equipment in any industry. If you have to take that medication on a regular basis it would make it very difficult for you to have enough concentration to do your job. For obvious reasons you should not have to give up your medication just to work.

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