Cash Paid for Scrap Metal and Steel Recycling in NJ

If people knew how much money they were throwing away, they wouldn’t toss one more aluminum soda pop can out their car window again. Many people laugh at the fellow with the green trash bag walking along the sides of the road and throwing aluminum cans in his bag. He knows a secret they don’t know. He’s going to be paid cash when he takes his aluminum to one of the businesses that specializes in Steel recycling in NJ. These companies will take one bag of aluminum cans or entire truckloads of Scrap metal, and the best thing of all is that they pay you cash for it.

It pays to study up on this type of recycling, simply because, you may have thrown appliances, car batteries, taken old cars to the junk yard, pitched your aluminum in the garbage when you could have been turning it in and earning money for it. If you want to start collecting metals and earning money by taking them to the plant that pays for Steel recycling in NJ, it will be easy to find out what type of metal you’re dealing with. Carry a magnet in your pocket. The magnet won’t stick to non-ferrous metals, which includes fine and precious metals like gold and silver, titanium, aluminum, lead, zinc, brass or copper.

Anyone doing renovations on older homes will find copper and many other metals in those homes that they can take to a nearby company that offers Steel recycling services. Contractors who have access to certain metals should call the recycling companies and rent a dumpster to place everything into and have them come and pick it up when it’s full. This takes the worries of getting rid of the metal off the mind of the contractor or renovator and is a way to earn an extra income in the process.

The recycling companies have machines that separate the various types of metals from one another. Since each metal is worth a different price and the value can change each day, separating it is necessary. Copper, brass and aluminum pays a good amount of money per pound and the price can change from day to day. Give one of the companies a call to rent a dumpster and to find out how much each metal is worth.


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