The Advantages of Walk-In Showers

If you are considering a bathroom remodel, you may be wondering what type of shower is the best fit for your home. While many homes are equipped with a bathtub/shower combo, homes with limited space, older occupants, or multiple bathrooms will benefit from having a walk-in shower. Change can be difficult, but it is important to keep these advantages in mind when considering walk-in showers in San Antonio.

Care and Cleaning

Gone are the days of back-breaking scrubbing, bent over the high edges of a tub. Every corner and crevice of the walk-in shower is easily accessible when cleaning.


Walk-in showers come in a variety of sizes and designs. One of their major benefits, especially in smaller homes, is the ability to fit a shower in the corner of a small restroom. Their space-saving ability makes it easy to convert your half-bath into something with more usability.


People with limited mobility may find it hard to step over the high edges of a bathtub. Walk-in showers offer peace of mind for those with limited mobility and their loved ones/care givers by reducing the likelihood of tripping. Walk-in showers can also allow more space for shower chairs, giving caregivers more accessibility when aiding family members or clients.

Easy Installation/Conversion

Traditional showers usually require a four-sided slope leading to a drain in order to work correctly. This can be tedious and time consuming when it comes to conversion or installation. However, a walk-in shower only requires one slope in order to drain properly, thus reducing the amount of time and effort to build.

More Design Options

Traditional showers and tub/shower combos require some sort of enclosure – usually in the form of a door or a shower curtain. With a walk-in shower, you have the option of a more open design.

With the diverse design options, versatility, and convenience of walk-in showers, it is no wonder that they are becoming increasingly popular in today’s homes.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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