Commercial General Contractors: Hiring One For Your Project

Some commercial project owners prefer to go the traditional route. They place a call out for bids, asking general contractors – in this case, specifically commercial general contractors – to apply and provide the required information. This is a competitive bid process. The bid will contain specific information on pricing including the rate of the subcontractors. The winning contractor often, but not always, is the lowest bidder with the best qualifications for this project in Wisconsin.

What Exactly Does a Commercial General Contractor Do?

A general contractor (GC), also known as a building contractor, builder or even remodeling contractor, provides the owner with a complete array of services suited to many medium and larger commercial construction jobs. It is his or her responsibility to make sure everything is completed on time within the provided bid price. The job description of all general contractors, including commercial general contractors, should contain the following:

  • Understanding the plans and specifications for this Wisconsin project
  • Negotiating contracts with and hiring with all subcontractors
  • Procuring the required permits and making sure to arrange inspections
  • Negotiating the prices for all materials then ordering them
  • Establishing a work, supplier and payment schedule
  • Distributing money to all subcontractors
  • Paying material suppliers
  • Supervising and coordinating all the work on site by employees and subcontractors
  • Troubleshooting any problems occurring on the construction site

In general, the GC controls the job site. Every subcontractor and employee on-site are under his or her control. The GC, alone, reports directly to the owner.

Commercial General Contractors

A GC usually handles the work for both large and smaller projects. However, in states such as Wisconsin, you can often find commercial general contractors managing medium and even smaller sites. On such projects, they continue to perform the same work under similar contracts. Only the size of the job differs. They still expect to do their job of finishing the project on time and within the set budget.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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