The Basic Facts About Hair Extensions

Are you tired of how your hair looks? Have you ever wanted to make your hair longer or thicker? Do you want to add volume, length and color without making drastic permanent changes? If the answer to any of these questions is “YES.” You need to consider hair extensions. In Spring Texas, this service is available at many salons.

What Are Hair Extensions?

The term hair extensions in Spring Texas and elsewhere across the United State refers to the addition of pieces of hair to your own hair. It is added through various methods including:

  • Bonding
  • Clips
  • Seamless
  • Strand by strand

The particular means and the name it is given will depend upon who you have as a stylist.

Human or Synthetic Hair?

There are two separate types of hair available for application. They are

  1. Human Hair – of which virgin Remy human hair is considered the best quality and, therefore, is the most expensive
  2. Synthetic Hair – made from different materials and varying as to quality and price

Hair extensions in Spring Texas salons are available in both types. Your choice will depend upon your budget, your personal preference and your hair.

Who Can Attach Hair Extensions?

While it is possible for you to consider attaching them yourself, this is not always the best or easiest solution. Hair extensions for women in Spring, TX are best attached by a professional hair stylist. In fact, there are some salons who specialize in performing this service. They are the ones best capable of finding and matching the hair extension to your hair color, style and type.

Advantages of Hair Extensions

If you are considering the process, a hair extension can be both fun and work to your advantage. They:

  • Create a new look for you which can be as temporary as you want it to be
  • Provide a combination of colors or add beads without causing any potential damage to your own hair
  • Lets you see how you would look with a particular style e.g. long hair, before you commit the time and energy to growing or crating it on a regular basis

Arranging for Hair Extensions in Spring Texas

If you are considering getting a weave or braiding for your hair, go ahead. Talk to the professionals at Spaulding and Crump Salon. They can provide you with guidance on what hair extension style will best suit your hair and look. Depending upon the type of hair you choose and the style, the procedure may be costly but it will be so worth it.

If you are considering Hair Extensions in Spring Texas talk, first to the professionals at Spaulding and Crump Salon. We specialize in women’s hair extensions but are devoted to all things hair.

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