The Benefits of Oil Heaters in Fairfax VA

For any homeowner that is looking for a reliable and safe approach to heat the home when the main power source is out, considering the purchase of one or two Oil Heaters Fairfax VA makes a lot of sense. These types of heaters offer several key benefits that make them ideal backup heat sources. Here are a few points to ponder.

Efficient Energy Consumption

Many Oil Heaters Fairfax VA can operate using a combination of oil and some sort of backup source of power, such as a battery. The nice thing is that the rate of energy consumption needed to get the most benefit from the heater is very low. That means the heater will be able to burn for more hours while consuming a lower amount of fuel. If the main source of power is going to be out for a day or two, the slow rate of consumption will make it much easier to keep the house warm.

Portable Models

Another nice thing about oil heaters is that they are often mounted on casters. This makes it all the easier to move the heater around the house when needed. The casters also ensure that someone who would not be able to pick up and carry a heating unit to another room can easily roll the oil heater to any area desired, start the device, and enjoy an immediate flow of warm air. Visit website for more details.

Excellent Warranties

Many manufacturers who sell oil heaters offer warranty plans that extend for as long as a decade. The details of the warranty plans tend to be extensive, offering the buyer a high level of protection. In the event that one of the covered components should fail at any time during the life of the warranty, there will be little to no out of pocket expense for the owner to absorb.

For homeowners who are interested in securing an efficient heater to use as a backup source of heat, it pays to check with the team at Virginia Industrial Cleaners & Equipment. They can provide more information on the benefits of oil heaters, the design options, and even how to take care of the heaters properly.

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