The Importance of Buying the Right Type of Tongue Ring

The style of tongue rings is as unique as the person wearing it. But you must know how to choose the right type of tongue ring to avoid damage to the tissue of the tongue and prevent infection in the piercing. Your piercer can give you all the info you need to properly care for a new piercing, but once your piercing heals, you’re free to purchase any type of tongue ring you like.

People new to piercing may not understand what to look for when making their first tongue ring purchase and end up with a piercing that is too small, too heavy, or not the right material. You can increase the selection available when you buy tongue rings online, but it’s even more important to know how to shop for a tongue ring when looking at online listings.

Choosing the Right Material

The average person will not have a problem with a tongue ring made from stainless steel or titanium. If you’re going to buy tongue rings online, always check that the product is made from stainless steel or titanium. Sterling silver works well for most people as long as they don’t have a silver allergy. Buying tongue rings made from a variety of mixed metals, or from retailers that don’t label their piercings properly, can lead to infection and swelling. It’s important that the piercings you purchase are not titanium plated, because this means the underlying metal probably contains a lot of nickel, which can cause an allergic reaction.

Choosing the Right Size Tongue Ring

If you’re new to piercing, you may be surprised to hear that there are different sizes of tongue rings. It’s important that you choose the right size because a piercing that’s too heavy can lead to tissue damage of the tongue. Your piercer should be able to recommend the best size for you, and help you in the future when you want to purchase new tongue rings or even stretch out your current piercing to a bigger size.

The 14 gauge, 5/8mm size is the standard size used for new and existing tongue piercings. This is the size that allows the tissue to remain intact and prevents a large amount of swelling or discomfort. You can buy tongue rings online in this size in a variety of styles and colors. If you want to go larger than this, you will need to work with your piercer to determine the best methods for getting to the size you want.

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