The Best Transmission Repair in St. Louis Can Keep Your Car on the Road for Many Years

Automotive transmissions come in several types. Originally the main type of transmission was a clutch driven standard shift device. This mechanism was extremely reliable, but often caused the driver some difficulty especially those people who were first learning how to drive a car. The only real drawback for this type of transmission is the clutch system which is prone to wear due to excess stress from the engine and transmission systems syncing during the shifting process. Most of the other types of transmission systems are automatic shifting devices. These include the common automatic transmission seen in many sedans and pickup trucks and the front wheel drive automatic transmission found in many compact automobiles. The other types of transmissions is the manual shift front wheel drive transmission and the somewhat rare rear engine operated transmission. The latter transmissions were mostly installed in vehicles like the VW bug and a few foreign sports cars.

Keeping your car on the road often requires a variety of repairs, but the toughest ones are those related to transmission repair in St. Louis. Transmissions are very complex devices and repairing them takes a mechanic with certain skills and knowledge. For example, an automatic transmission can have hundreds of pieces and keeping all of those parts in mind when rebuilding the system requires a sharp mind and lots of practice. If the transmission isn’t put back in the exact order with all the seals properly replaced it will eventually fail, usually sooner than anyone expects.

In most cases, transmission repair in St. Louis can be a simple task. Sometimes all it takes to get the device functioning properly is a quick flush, a clean filter and new fluid. However, some repairs will require the transmission be replaced or rebuilt and which you choose will depend on your budget. In most cases a rebuilt transmission is more economical than having the failed transmission replaced from a factory rebuilt model. The end result is usually the same. This repair involves the mechanic stripping the transmission down for cleaning, removing all the internal seals in the process. Once the parts are clean they will replace all the seals with new ones and install replacement clutches and gears as required.

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