Want Perfect Teeth for Wedding Photos? A Cosmetic Dentist in Lawrence Can Help

A woman may go through her entire life knowing that her teeth are less than perfect, but she never feels there’s the time or money to fix them. Then when her daughter is getting married, a comment is dropped. She knows that the wedding pictures will be important and her smile has to be perfect. A Cosmetic Dentist Lawrence can help her get ready for that important event.

If there’s a year or more left until the wedding, the mother has time to work with a dentist to straighten her teeth. Many patients can use clear aligners to straighten their teeth. This is perfect for older patients who don’t want to wear metal brackets to business meetings. The dentist takes impressions of the patient’s upper and lower teeth. These are sent to a technician who puts the information into a computer. The software then determines the proper placement of the teeth. It also creates a series of clear aligners that will gradually move the teeth into the correct position.

The clear aligners are not noticeable when they are in place. People will only notice the positive change in the person’s smile. Even if the treatment is not complete the day of the wedding, impressive gains will have been made. The mother does not have to wear them that day. Generally they are worn throughout the day except for eating and brushing. Leaving them out occasionally for big events is okay as well.

Once her teeth are straight, the mother of the bride might also want to treat herself to a teeth whitening treatment. In just one 90-minute visit her teeth can be up to eight shades whiter. She’ll love the way her lipstick looks with straight and white teeth.

Sometimes teeth can be oddly shaped or have been chipped. If it’s only one tooth a porcelain crown can make it look like new. That procedure takes between one and three visits depending upon the technique that the cosmetic dentist prefers. Dental veneers can even out a person’s teeth, if several teeth are misshapen. A Cosmetic Dentist Lawrence can fit a patient with resin veneers in only one visit.

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