The Case For Exhibit Rental Over Purchase

As a small business owner or an entrepreneur of a start-up company, keeping overhead and expenses as low as possible is often a major part of your company’s success. However, getting out to market and highlight your product and service is one of the most effective ways to bring in new customers and generate interest in your brand. While you may not have the budget to purchase a custom display at this time, you can still make a big impression by taking advantage of exhibit rental packages.

Going to a trade fair, event or exhibition, especially if it going to bring in your target audience, is really an advertising option that is well worth considering. If you do decide to use your marketing or advertising budget for this event, you need to have a display that looks professional, emphasizes your brand, and makes you stand out of the competition. Working with an exhibit rental company that can customize their rental packages to meet your budget and your needs will allow you to do just that.

Size Matters

Having the right size of exhibit rental will make a difference. If it is too large for the products you wish to display it can look like something is missing. If it appears too crowded people are less likely to actually come into the display and spend time learning about your product or service.

Accessories to Rent

Depending on the design and size of your exhibit rental, as well as the type of product you are promoting, you may want to consider chairs, tables and lighting that allow visitors to your display to relax and spend time. Other accessories you may want to consider are shelves, racks and counters to display information or your actual products.

Assembly and Take Down

If you are using an exhibit rental company that offers full service for assembly and take down of the display it is well worth getting this option in the package. This allows you to relax and focus on the sales and promotion aspect of being at the trade fair while they handle all the display construction and removal after the event.

Exhibit rental is a great option for a smaller company or a business that only goes to a few trade shows as year. Look for a company that has several packages and then choose the one that works for you.

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