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Ski boats in Wichita, KS have historically been used to tow water skiers. However, their function has somewhat changed following the increased popularity of different water sports such as wake boarding. While water skiers prefer to glide behind boats that create minimal wake, wake boarders like larger wakes to facilitate their airborne routines. To accommodate this need, many ski boat manufacturers are now designing ski boats as crossovers with adjustable features including ballast systems and wake-shaping devices. Water skiers as well as wake boarders can use today’s ski boats.


Walter C. Meloon invented ski boats. In 1924, Meloon moved his family from New England to Florida. He wanted to get a piece of the action in Florida’s real estate business. When the real estate market went bust, Meloon turned to boat building as a means of making a living. He manufactured innovative boat designs, better than his competitors’ did. During the cold war, Meloon manufactured more than 300 boats that were used to transport Allied soldiers across Germany’s Rhine River.


Ski boats have two major forms of propulsion systems: V-drive and direct drive. Many water skiers prefer direct-drive water skis. These water skis are flat bottomed and feature engines that provide great acceleration. V-drive ski boats feature heavy water-storage ballasts systems to create achieve bigger wakes. V-drive boats with bigger hulls feature engines in the stern. This set up creates larger wakes that wake boarders crave. Ski boats have powerful acceleration to lift skiers and wake boarders out of the water. Ski boats come in a wide array of colors.


Consider the following factors when shopping for ski Boats in Wichita, KS. First, know how much you intend to spend on a ski-boat. Secondly, prioritize your needs. Decide if you will settle for direct or V drives ski boats. Many hard-core water skiing enthusiasts prefer direct-drive water skis. However, V-drives are good alternatives for families with varied sports interests. Consider the features you want in the ski boat. Keep in mind that boats with more features are likely to be more expensive. Finally take a test drive; this is the best means of judging the performance of a ski boat.


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