The Difference Between a Residential and a Commercial Roofer in Indianapolis, Indiana

Businesses have many things to think about and roof repairs are not something usually on that list. In some ways, a commercial roof can be more challenging than the roofs on homes. So, it takes a special expertise to work on these types of roofs. Thus, you should contact Sircey Roofing if your commercial business building is in urgent need of repair.

The main difference between a home roof and a business roof is the actual shape of the roof. Typically, business roofs have a flatter roof. These roofs often present more problems with water damage. However, the flatter roofs allow for the placement of cooling and heating equipment. So, they can be a challenge for any roofer to deal with. A Commercial Roofer in Indianapolis, Indiana usually has experience with these types of roofs.

Another big difference between a residential roof and a commercial roof is the sheer size of the roof. Typically, a business roof is much larger than a residential roof. Thus, it requires a lot more work to maintain properly. It may also require more help than the residential roofers typically employ. The increased labor force also means increased costs to tend to all the parts of the roof. More materials are also required for these types of roofs.

The height of the roof may also prose a big problem in commercial setups. In some cases, a commercial building can be three, four stories or more. This presents additional challenges to a Commercial Roofer in Indianapolis, Indiana. This means an extra emphasis on the safety of the personal working at the heights that some of these commercial buildings are at. Harnesses, ropes and additional safety gear are something that many commercial roofers already have on hand to tackle the high buildings.

There are some major differences between the typical residential roofs and the standard commercial roofs. These differences are the reason that the roofers specialize in either commercial or residential. There are also special requirements in making sure that the job is done right. So when you need your business roof looked at, you should think about hiring a company that specializes in commercial roofing.

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