The Importance of Drug Testing in Charleston, WV

by | Apr 5, 2014 | Drug Testing Service

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When you work for the Department of Transportation, it is very important to always be in the best mental condition possible. This is especially true if most of your day is spent driving or using heavy machinery to do work on the roads. Just one simple mistake, could have very dangerous results for you, your coworkers and the general public as well. For this reason, Those who work for the DOT in Charleston, WV are required to take random drug tests. The drug testing in Charleston, WV is a beneficial safety precaution the helps protect everyone. This also helps weed out those who may attempt to come to work while being under the influence of illegal drugs. The safety of those who will be around this person during work hours takes a high priority over the workers freedom to do what they choose before clocking in to work.

Some may feel that DOT drug testing is an invasion of privacy. To some extent that may be true. However, if you plan on being employed in this field of work, you must take responsibilities for your actions. The use of drugs that may have a negative impact on your ability to concentrate, make important decisions and do your work properly can lead to a dangerous situation. It is a known fact that the use of mind altering drugs can affect how we function. It can impair our vision, our thinking skills and our ability to react to unexpected events as we should. Therefore, it is extremely important for drug testing in Charleston, WV to take place.

If drug testing in Charleston, WV helps prevent injuries or deaths and prevent damage to state property, it is well worth the amount of privacy a worker is giving up. In fact, if these workers are reliable workers and concerned citizens, they will most likely be very willing to take these tests at any time they are asked to. Working as a team to prevent potentially dangerous circumstances is all a part of being a responsible adult. These drug tests should be mandatory in every place of employment for the very same reasons. find us online at, or stop by our offices at 102 Patrick Street, Charleston, WV 25387.

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