Altadena, California’s Addiction Treatment Programs

What is a Recovery Treatment Program?

To help persons who suffer from addictions, many treatments and techniques continue to evolve even as you read this. However, intervention and detoxification are still the first steps to recovering. Medically managed withdrawal drugs designed to help people address the psychological, social, and behavioral problems which are associated with addictions are utilized when necessary, such as in severe alcohol addiction where withdrawal symptoms can be deadly. Additional treatments include: psycho educational groups, group counseling, family counseling, case management, one-on-one psychiatric counseling, continuing health care and much more. Addicts and their loved ones have a wide range of choices when looking for alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs in Altadena. Depending upon the severity and type of addiction, people can choose a residential recovery program, an outpatient program, support groups, or a combination.

Recovery Treatment Services

California addiction treatment programs provide their residents a safe, clean, supportive, sober living environment which is based around sobriety and new techniques on how to live without drugs or alcohol. When people become addicted to alcohol or drugs, it not only affects the addict, it also affects family and friends. Addiction is a disease which mucks up anyone and anything it comes in contact with, which makes it more of a family addiction rather than an individual one. Addiction treatment programs are offered by state licensed facilities, giving the afflicted a comprehensive program to help them overcome their condition while in a warm, supportive, encouraging, and safe home-like setting. Residential facilities for adult men and women are established with the desire to provide excellent, affordable care in an intimate setting without compromising on professionalism, efficacy, integrity, or skill. The best addiction treatment programs can be expected to offer a semi-private bedroom with one roommate, as there are never more than 2 people to a room, and a 24 hour a day staff at a respectable ratio of 1:2.

Staff members are usually warm and caring professionals with many years of experience treating clients. Staff members also know what it means to treat others right, because many several staff members were once in the same place as their patients. They pride themselves in maintaining respect for each client, their families, and their need for a successful, relapse-free recovery. Quality staff members take the time to understand each patient’s individual experiences so a personalized recovery solution can be designed. Through talking and listening, counselors and psychologists help to get to the heart of an addict’s desire to drink or use drugs. Through this process, patients are trained and equipped with the necessary techniques to stave off impulses in order to help prevent them from relapsing. Under addiction treatment programs, patients learn they shouldn’t and don’t have to face recovery all alone.

One of Altadena’s Top Recovery Treatment Facilities

Altadena’s Pax House is found in the beautiful and serene environment of southern California. The Pax House facility offers a comfortable home-like environment for anyone who is looking for help recovering from a substance abuse problem in the Pasadena and Los Angeles area. They provide treatment programs which vary in length to meet the needs of each patient to ensure lasting sobriety and a complete recovery from their dependency. With experienced, licensed, and certified clinicians and staff members, they focus their attention on meaningful interaction with each client. The entire staff works together to provide the highest level of treatment and to serve as role models. They understand recovery is difficult, so they strive to provide positive and lasting change through compassionate, individual attention. They are definitely worthy of consideration when making a list of prospective rehabilitation centers for you or your loved one.

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