The Importance of Family Dentistry in Heber Springs and Your Overall Health

Gingivitis and plaque are common dental problems, yet many people fail to realize just how serious they are. Plaque is the sticky substance which builds up on your teeth while gingivitis is a gum disease which leads to swelling of the gums. Studies have shown that individuals with either or both of these dental issues are most at risk of other health problems. If you haven’t had your teeth cleaned recently or you have noticed your gums bleed when you brush them, make an appointment with your family dentistry in Heber Springs provider right away. You need to find out what is going on and right away.

Plaque is actually a biofilm, one that is bacteria built up into a thin grouping. This film lives on your teeth, any crowns you may have, and your gums. Any time you eat a food or consume a drink which has a starch or sugar in it, acids are released and the acids attack the enamel of your teeth. The sticky plaque allows the acid to stick to your tooth, breaking the enamel down, and eventually the tooth decays. In addition, this buildup of plaque is what leads to gingivitis and then a more serious condition known as periodontal disease.

When you have periodontal disease, your gums begin to pull away from your tooth. The gap left behind when the gum tissue recedes allow bacteria to destroy the bones which support your teeth. Periodontal disease has been linked to a wide range of medical conditions, including premature birth, dementia, diabetes, and heart disease. Researchers are unable to say why this is the case, yet think it is due to bacteria from the mouth entering the blood stream and traveling to major organs of the body. They believe the inflammation of the gums travels to these other organs also, allowing them to become inflamed and bringing on these diseases.

If you suspect you have a buildup of plaque on the teeth or gingivitis, make an appointment with your family dentistry in Heber Springs provider. He’ll clean your teeth and help you develop a treatment plan for any existing conditions. In addition, you can work together to create a plan which ensures you get the dental care you need in the future. This way, you ensure you don’t develop these or any other serious medical conditions due to dental issues. Check out for more information.

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