The Importance of Fire Doors in Edmond, Oklahoma

Fire doors in Edmond OK, are designed to save lives, but they can only do so when properly selected and installed. This is one area where a business cannot afford to cut corners, as lives may be on the line. When the time comes to select new doors for your business, what factors should you be considering?

Fire doors are built to withstand heat while blocking fire from entering certain parts of the building. The goal is to protect lives while ensuring smoke doesn’t enter occupied areas. The doors provide extra time for first responders to reach individuals trapped in the building when they have no other way to escape. The fire stays more contained when the doors are in use.

When choosing doors for this purpose, individuals need to ensure the doors come with a fire seal. The seal functions to block any small gaps that appear following installation. The seal activates when the door automatically closes, and one can choose from a range of doors to ensure it functions as designed.

Consider the area where the door is to be installed. A door leading to a kitchen, where fires are more likely, may need to be different than a door designed for a garage. Learn the fire codes for the structure where the door will be installed and determine which type of door is needed.

Select the options desired for the door. Some may choose adjustable hinges, yet others may need stainless steel handles. Hidden door closures are another option to be looked into. One can find a fire door that blends in with the overall decor easily thanks to the many options currently offered.

Visit Windsor Door Siding and Windows to learn more about fire doors in Edmond OK. One cannot be too careful when it comes to the safety of their customers and employees. Fire doors work to protect individuals in the event of a catastrophe. Each minute saved with the help of a fire door is one minute more for first responders to arrive. Be sure to ask about garage, entry, and commercial doors when speaking to the company. They can assist you with all of your door, window, and siding needs.

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