A Wide Variety of Cosmetic Dentistry Services to Select From

Dentistry is a very broad discipline, and you’ll find numerous specialities within this discipline. Some dentists choose to offer only oral surgery, and others opt to focus on orthodontics. There are certain dentists now, however, who choose to offer a Variety of Cosmetic Dentistry Services in their practice to better serve their patients. What kinds of services can you expect to have access to if you choose a dentist offering this option?

Many turn to a cosmetic dentist as they are no longer happy with the colour of their teeth. Most dentists now offer in-office tooth whitening procedures, but care must be taken. You want to ensure your teeth are all the same colour once this procedure is done. If you have tooth-colored fillings or veneers, they may not be. Keep this in mind and choose a dentist who will take any previous dental work into account to ensure you get the results you desire.

Tooth bonding is an option when you have chipped teeth or wish to cover unsightly metals in your mouth from previous dental work. The dentist bonds either composite resins or porcelains to the tooth to provide a more natural appearance and the tooth becomes stronger as a result. With bonding, the dentist is able to accurately replicate the function, appearance and structure of your natural tooth.

When one thinks of orthodontics, their mind turns to metal brackets and wires. This is no longer the only option for those who wish to have straight teeth. Dentists now offer Invisalign and other treatment options and treatment times have decreased. With many options to select from, you no longer have to live with a ‘metal mouth’, yet can have gorgeous teeth once again.

With a Variety of Cosmetic Dentistry Services to select from, you can easily have a gorgeous smile once again. Whether you decide to go with veneers or find you need a full set of dentures, the dental office works with you to develop the right treatment plan. Your first choice should always be to preserve as much of your natural teeth as possible, as this promotes better health. When this isn’t possible, however, know help is available in the form of cosmetic dentistry. You can have a beautiful smile you cannot wait to show off to everyone you meet.

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