The Kuvings Juicer – Powerful Features that Operate Quietly and Efficiently

Back away from the natural juice aisles in the supermarket and invest in a Kuvings Juicer – an appliance for the kitchen that will return your investment exponentially in ease of use and tasty juices for any occasion or meal. Purchasing natural juices in the grocery stores, you are likely spending several dollars a bottle. Added up over time, you may be spending up to several hundred dollars a month! You could make your own natural juices for a mere fraction of the price.

Notable Features

Quiet operation leads the pack in terms of notable features with the latest Kuvings Juicer models. The average juicer can get loud – 80 to 100 decibals (dB). As a comparison, lawnmowers average 90 dB. However, the silent juicer models in the Kuvings line are typically 40 to 50 dB, depending on the fruits or vegetables you are juicing.

While the motor of this juicer line is quite powerful, it actually uses a low-speed extraction method that presses instead of grinds up the food for juicing. This method reduces the heat and friction over other extraction methods like those that use centrifugal force. Why is this important? When the food is shredded, the action produces heat and friction which can oxidize your food, thereby reducing the juice’s nutritional value. The Kuvings Juicer, with its powerful pressing and squeezing action, boosts nutritional retention such as vitamins, minerals and powerful enzymes.

Another health boost is the fact that this juicer liner also uses BPA-free juice cups and pulp containers. BPA or bisphenol A is an industrial chemical that has often been used in a variety of plastics. Within the last decade, it has been discovered that BPA could leach into the foods, causing health issues. You have no worries about harmful chemicals leaching into your juices! In addition, Kuvings Juicer models are quite easy to clean.

Foods You Can Juice Successfully

A common complaint with other juicers is that leafy vegetables are hard to juice. With the Kuvings Juicer though, wheatgrass, lettuce, spinach, kale and other leafy veggies are a breeze. Citrus fruits, which previously have been cumbersome to juice, are suddenly easy to handle too. You could even juice less common food items like aloe vera leaves, pine needles and even hard roots like jicama and ginger.

An easy to clean juicer that operates quietly and efficiently is no longer a myth in the juicing world. Kuvings Juicer models are a great investment in your good health. Why spend hundreds to thousands of dollars each year on natural juices in the stores when you can create your own concoctions for a fraction of the price?

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