Tips for maintaining your Rock garden

Rock gardens can be prepared easily, however proper care and maintenance is a hard and fast rule. So make sure you give required time to your rock garden to make it look beautiful. Beautiful gardens made out of rock at Portland Oregon are a visual treat to watch. The reason behind the beauty and long life of these rock gardens is timely maintenance. People owning gardens of rock at Portland Oregon ensure garden maintenance is a priority in their daily schedule.

Maintaining a rock garden is no rocket science, you just have to make sure you play your part well. Smart work is always better than heavy work. In this article we will look into some smart ways which will not only make your life easy but also make your rock garden look beautiful.

The growing seasons of a rock garden are usually safe, so you can treat your rock garden to once a week maintaining program. Most of the cleaning part involves weed control and it rightly deserves the time it requires. Watering your garden only when necessary and keeping the debris and dead plants away from your garden are other important steps to follow. Labeling down the plants which die at the end of the year and keeping dead flowers away from garden to avoid self seeding forms a major part of this process. Moss can be dangerous for your garden and for rocks. Clean the mossy part of the rocks and make sure you do not let it settle on your rocks.

Climatic and seasonal changes might affect your maintenance speed and rate. Different seasons require different approach towards garden cleaning. For example, Autumn is the most tenacious and overhauled time of the year. It requires a lot of work and increases garden maintenance responsibilities. Fallen leaves and debris must be cleaned almost everyday. Autumn falls can turn a beautiful garden into a dumping ground, so make sure you are maintaining your rock garden perfectly. Another example is winter season, where you will need to cover sensitive plants. Removing snow from the garden is another task which requires a lot of hard work and pain. Having a rock garden at Portland, Oregon is not as easy as it might seem to many.

Weeding surely is one of the most tenacious job. Weeding is important because weeds can cause damage to your plants and can affect the beauty of your garden. As far as weeds are concerned, prevention is better than cure. You should remove all the perennial weed and roots while digging for your garden.

The fact that no matter how much you care and preserve your garden, weeds will grow and you will have to clean them is unfortunate. Tackling with weeds when they are underdeveloped is easier, so you must remove all the weeds from your garden as soon as you notice it. A well maintained rock garden at Portland, Oregon offers a wonderful feeling to the owner as well as the onlookers.

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