Tips On Pain Prevention From Back Doctors In New Jersey

by | Dec 11, 2013 | Health

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While pain management is one of the major responsibilities of back doctors in NJ, specialists can also provide some effective options for preventing pain from occurring in the first place. There include various lifestyle and exercise changes that you can make, regardless of your age, to help reduce your risk of developing back pain or back injury.

As back doctors in NJ are quick to point out, some back pain is not preventable. This is particularly true in the case of pain due to injury, trauma, illness or a genetic or congenital issue. While these conditions can injury the spinal column or impact the spinal cord, developing healthy routines can reduce the pain that you experience and minimize complications.

Stay Active

Your spine, just like all the bones of your body, is surrounded by long muscles that provide stability and support. When these muscles are strong and flexible they are much more effective at protecting the spine. Core-strengthening exercise can be used to help develop the muscles of your back, abdomen and upper body to help to prevent injury to the spine.

Core-strengthening exercises include simple movements such as knee folds, balancing, leg lifts, stretching the abdominal and back muscles through arm and leg movements and even yoga type exercises such as a cat stretch. Experienced back doctors in NJ can provide a list of exercises that will help you build your core without having to take out a gym membership.

Reach a Healthy Weight

The more weight that your spine has to carry or support the greater the risk for injury and pain. Back doctors in NJ will recommend shedding those extra pounds to help prevent strain and pressure on the spinal column. Losing weight doesn’t have to occur quickly, a gradual, sustained and healthy weight loss is really the optimum method.

Your back doctor may encourage you to seek support from a weight loss program or to use a diet that they recommend. Remember that diet and exercise together are a great combination for both strengthening the back and losing that weight.

Back doctors in NJ can be a valuable resource if you have occasional or chronic back pain. The great news is that you can work on reducing your chances of having further issues with back pain problems with just two simple lifestyle changes.

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