Too Injured to Work? Hire a Disability and Social Security Lawyer in Forth Worth, TX

When a hardworking person finds themselves unable to work, they can have a difficult time surviving financially. During the first year they are disabled there are no government programs to help them. They are expected to live off of savings, private disability insurance or the kindness of friends and family. Even after a year, there are very few options available to the chronically ill. Social Security disability is available, but it is a very complicated application process. Many people who apply are turned down by the staff. They get so discouraged that they give up. Instead, they should hire a disability and social security lawyer in Fort Worth.

If the applicant is just beginning the process, the disability lawyer will show them how to prove to the Social Security staff that they are truly unable to work. Most applicants and their doctors spend too much time describing the illness and don’t explain how it keeps them from working. There are many sick people who do continue working. Therefore the applicant has to prove that they are not able to work because of their illness. Their lawyer will help them stay focused as they fill out the application.

Many applicants are too weak to understand and focus on the complicated questions. The lawyer and their staff can fill out the application for them. They have to carefully describe all of the person’s work requirements. Then they have to explain how the applicant can no longer do the work. A cashier with a bad back may not be able to stand long enough to do their job. While the employer was willing to let them sit on a stool, this was also painful after an hour or two. Even with more frequent breaks, the cashier could not fulfill their duties.

If the applicant has been rejected, the disability and social security lawyer in Fort Worth will help them appeal the decision. The disabled person has to hire a lawyer quite soon after their application is denied. They have only 30 days to ask for a hearing. An administrative judge runs the hearing. In addition to the applicant and their lawyer, the Social Security administration will send a lawyer as well. According to a Social Security study, applicants with a lawyer are 30 percent more likely to win their appeal.

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