Driveways; concrete vs. asphalt

There are a number of driveway surfaces that a homeowner can choose from, two of the most common are concrete and asphalt. Both materials have good reasons to be chosen, but as usual, there are also draw backs. Driveways in Rutherford TN are usually chosen based on ones budget, the aesthetics that the homeowner is looking for and the location of the home.

Installation cost:
Compared to an asphalt driveway, a concrete driveway is more expensive, in the range of 45 percent higher. Due to this, many people opt for asphalt. It must be remembered however that there is more to the driveway than just the initial cost, durability, longevity and overall toughness must be considered. A drive which cannot stand up to the elements and requires frequent repairs may turn out to be more expensive in the long run.

Compatible with the climate:
Asphalt drives are not the best choice if it is to be laid in a warm climate; asphalt is more suitable in cooler climates. Constant exposure to heat makes the driveway soft, allowing for cracks and tire ruts to form on the surface which require repair.

Concrete driveways in Rutherford TN on the other hand are more resistant to elevated temperatures, however, when a concrete drive is laid in colder climates it is very important that the sub-base is compacted gravel. If the base is improper, the frost that forms in the soil during the winter can easily cause the driveway to heave and crack. The salt which is used to keep the roads clear of ice is also hard on a concrete surface.

The need to seal:
Asphalt drives need to be sealed every four years or so. Over time, the oils in the asphalt become oxidized and they lose their moisture content. When this happens the asphalt turns a gray color and it becomes brittle, breaking at the edges. Once the asphalt drive has been laid, you can expect to make the first sealing within the year, by doing so the surface will retain its softness which makes it more resistant to ruts and cracks.

A well maintained asphalt drive can be expected to last about 25 years; one which is not maintained will usually not make five years. Concrete driveways in Rutherford TN can easily last 50 years or more with less maintenance and fewer repairs.
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