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Throughout it’s development the automobile saw many advancements and technological achievements. Of course some of those achievements were not so well received, but others were viewed as triumphs in the advancement of the automobile as the transportation device of our civilization. One of these advancements was the automatic transmission. The automatic transmission changed the driving environment so individuals who had difficulty learning the necessary steps of clutch and shift techniques no longer had to struggle with them. In fact, it allowed a number of people who were otherwise unable to drive a vehicle a new found freedom.

The automatic transmission works by using hydraulic pressure to operate a fluid clutch for smooth gear shifting. Normally the transmission requires no manual gear shifting at all although there are a few that are designed to work with forward motion shifting using lower gears. Automotive transmission systems are very intricate devices. They contain a number of moving parts under a great deal of stress and strain. The ability to facilitate transmission repair St Louis requires the mechanic to have some specialized training in the mechanical function of these systems as well as their installation and interaction with the other mechanical aspects of the automobile. Because each car make and model can vary, this knowledge can be quite extensive and this is the primary reason we see automotive transmission repair shops as a specialty instead of it being included in common auto repair facilities.

The art of transmission repair St Louis requires the mechanic to know when the job will need minor repairs or if the vehicle will require transmission replacement instead. The option of replacement or overhaul is usually discussed with vehicle owner as well. While these may seem like similar options there is some important differences. An overhauled transmission is usually disassembled and repaired in the shop. Seals and gears are replaced and parts are cleaned as required. Rebuilt transmissions on the other hand are sent to a factory where they are completely disassembled, cleaned and the internal parts replaced to a like new condition. The factory rebuilt transmission will typically offer the vehicle owner a better warranty compared to the shop rebuilt version as well.

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