What are the uses for a truck cap?

Truck caps in Binghamton NY is like a lid that fits on the rails of a pick-up truck bed, completely enclosing the bed. In many cases, the truck cap is used in conjunction with a bed liner which creates a cocoon of sorts, protecting the cargo as well as the surface of the bed. Truck caps come in a variety of sizes and styles allowing the vehicle owner to find one which is ideal for the intended use.

Most truck caps in New York are molded from a single piece of fiberglass or manufactured using lightweight metal panels. The cap is held in place with clamps at the corners. Not all caps are static, some are designed to tilt forward with the aid of counterbalancing springs, allowing the tilted cap to remain in an open position unaided while loading or unloading cargo.
The standard truck caps in Binghamton NY are manually operated, there are however, some higher priced models which are opened and closed remotely using electronics. This arrangement is very similar to the way a remote trunk lid functions, when the button is depressed to open the trunk, it slowly rises into position. Lowering the cap is no different, just a slight press on the cap will lower it until it fits snuggly with the bed rails. When it reaches that point, the controls lock the cap into position and an airtight seal is formed.

The primary feature of a truck cap is the ability to seal the bed and its contents. This prevents any access, denying a potential thief an opportunity. This is of significant concern when the truck is being used to transport very expensive apparatus and equipment. Because the truck cap can be locked and secured the truck can be parked and left without the owner being overly concerned that the cargo will be stolen.

The truck caps also provide protection from the elements for both the cargo and the bed itself. The cap prevents the cargo from being harmed by the sun, rain, snow or any other adversity. If the bed is not subjected to the weather there is a better chance that it will not rust. Truck caps in Binghamton NY are available to fit almost every type of pick-up. J&R Upholstery in Binghamton NY offers LEER fiberglass truck caps known for its great standard and wide range of options.

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