Types of Cables Used for Network Cabling In Chambersburg PA

Networks are vital for the transfer of data and sharing of services within organizations. However, service sharing is only effective if the right type of cabling is put in place. An organization or anyone who wants to have access to the internet or create a basic home network needs to ensure that all components of a network are clearly implemented.

There are various types of cables that can be used for Network Cabling Chambersburg PA. The most common ones will be discussed below:

(Un)Shielded Twisted Pair

Twisted pair cables are mainly used in the cabling of local area networks. These cables are relatively cheap and can be terminated to comply with various types of equipment such as end user terminals and switching and routing devices. They can offer speeds of up to 100mbps although emerging technologies could be able to support higher speeds. The only limitation of using these cables is that they cannot be used for distances beyond 100 meters due to high signal attenuation.

Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cables normally make use of a copper conductor with a shield of braided wires for insulation against interference. Unlike twisted pair cables, they are able to stretch to lengths of about 500 meters. Schools and similar institutions use them for their network cabling in Chambersburg PA. It is essential to note that coaxial cables come in two types: the thick and thin ones.

Fiber Optic Cables

Network cables have come a long way. Fiber optic cables provide the present day technology for the provision of internet and sharing of services. Most organizations in Chambersburg PA use fiber optic cables for vertical cabling. Vertical cables are those that are used as a backbone for the shared services. Introduction of fiber optic cables overcame the distance limitations associated with coaxial and both shielded and unshielded twisted pair cables. The bandwidth support for these cables is virtually unlimited.

Even though there are various cables that can be used, they are normally used together. Fiber optic cables provide the vertical connections while the other types provide horizontal access. When installing the cables, ensure that you use the services of a qualified Network Cabling Chambersburg PA company to ensure that the job is well done.

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