Warning signs that it is time to get your exhaust fixed

As with every part of your car, you need to keep a close eye on things to make sure that nothing is malfunctioning or capable of causing further damage to your vehicle. Your exhaust pipe plays a vital role in the overall machinery of your car, so if it is suffering from damage then you need to get it fixed straight away with a professional.  There are many companies capable of repairing Exhausts in Portsmouth, so when you do spot a problem you’ll be able to get it fixed expertly.  Below are some of the commons signs of damage to your exhaust pipe, and how you can spot them.

First conduct a close inspection

This is the fastest way to spot any noticeable physical signs of damage to your exhaust pipe, especially any cracks or signs of rusting.  If the crack is large then you’ll probably be able to see it immediately; however, if it is only a minor crack then you may need to detach the entire exhaust pipe from the car in order to get a closer look at the complete structure.  It is vital that you spot any cracks and get them repaired professionally immediately, because cracks can lead to poisonous carbon monoxide gases entering your car.

Any loud or strange noises

This is a sign that there may be internal damage to your exhaust, and one that needs to be addressed quickly if you are to prevent any further problems.  If you have already inspected the exhaust and found no major noticeable crack, then this could be a sign that there is a smaller crack that is the source of these strange noises.  Again, if this does happen to you then you should be looking for someone who repairs Exhausts Portsmouth or someone who can replace it entirely.

If you notice strange smells then seek help immediately

Strange odours that are noticeable inside your car is a sign that the fumes from the exhaust pipe are managing to get into your interior.  This can be potentially life threatening, so it is vital that you immediately find a professional to get some expert advice or repair work done to your vehicle.

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