What to Know About Converting 8mm Film for Different Uses in NJ

by | Jul 2, 2021 | Business

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As a media format, 8 mm has been around for a long time. Over the years, it has proven to be a reliable format for the video industry. Due to its longevity, much footage remains in 8mm format. Yet, in today’s world, most people work with the prevailing digital formats. Thus, you may find yourself needing to convert 8mm footage to an updated, digital version. Learn more about how the conversion process works in the typical setting.

Why You Should Convert to DVD

One of most popular ways to convert 8mm is to put it into DVD format. This helps you avoid the problem of needing an appropriate projector to view 8mm film. It can also preserve video that can become easily damaged by the fragility of 8mm film. Once you convert to DVD, you’ll have easy access to your 8mm videos, and you can even store it on a cloud device. As you can see, this is a good way to deal with 8mm film conversions NJ.

A Little More About the Process

There are a few different ways to do the 8mm to DVD process. In most cases, you’ll still need a projector to extract the film. This is typically done in conjunction with special software. Once the video is captured onto a hard drive it can be burned to a DVD disc. At this point, it will be transportable and easy to store. Choosing DVD as a medium is a great choice for 8mm film conversions in NJ.

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