What To Use As A Competitor To MIC-6

There are different options when it comes to the aluminum plate, each made by different mills or manufacturers. MIC-6 is cast tool and jig plate that is manufactured by Alcoa and is offered by several different distributors and aluminum specialty companies across North America and around the world.

MIC-6 has several notable properties and characteristics that have made it a top selection for many applications. As with all cast tool and jig plate, it is very stable and is made with a very fine, stress-relieved structure. It is very resistant to any type of deformation even after machining. MIC-6 is also able to withstand temperature changes as well as product uniform, small size chips during cutting under high-speed processes.

The Options

There are several aluminum manufacturers offer their version of a competitor to MIC-6. The competition types of cast tool and jig plate can offer lower cost without any difference in quality or performance.

When looking for a true competitor to MIC-6 and not just a close approximation, compare the specs from the Alcoa produced cast tool and jig plate and the aluminum manufacturer you are considering.

The important factors to consider will include the stability and the purity of the plate. The quality of aluminum is essential in creating the stress-free granules will provide the resistance to deformation in machining that is so important for making tools and jigs.

The company producing the competitor to MIC-6 under consideration will also be able to provide information on how the two will stack up. With a quality provider all aspects of the two, including plate thickness tolerances, machine surfacing and the different standard and metric sizing should all be available. It will be important to also compare availability and shipping as a direct manufacturer can provide stock from their inventory while a third-party often has to place a standard order.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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