Hino 195 or Isuzu NPR – Which is Best?

Both Isuzu and Hino trucks have much to offer Texas businesses these days. In fact, it is sometimes hard to decide which one is best for your needs. You can go with the Hino 195 or the Isuzu NPR and here is more information to help you decide.


Both vehicles have strong frames. However, the 195 is stronger. For example, it’s rated at 56.9 thousand pounds while the NPR rates at about 43 thousand pounds. If you plan to carry heavy loads all the time, this is something to think about.

Fuel Efficiency

In 2015, some tests showed that 195 Hino trucks used about ten percent less gasoline than the NPR trucks. In 2014 testing the 195 got about 10.25 miles per gallon. However, fuel testing can vary. For example, a 2015 test showed the NPR getting 11.2 mpg. Both trucks get good fuel mileage, and diesel engines deliver better fuel efficiency. In Texas, truck size matters and a class 3 is lighter than a class 4 truck, so it gets better mileage.

Standard Equipment

If you like extras, the 195 is one of the best trucks you can buy. For example, these Hino trucks come with air conditioning, tilt steering and CD as standard. Both the 195 and NPR have dependable 6-speed automatic transmissions and 30-gallon fuel tanks.

More Passenger Room

Both the NPR and 195 have excellent crew cab trucks. In fact, you can buy landscape beds with your crew cab truck, to hold the entire crew.

Making the Right Choice

Both of these trucks have a lot to offer, and when you visit a dealer carrying both Isuzu and Hino trucks in Texas, you’ll get an unbiased opinion on both models. Your dealer is there to show you all the options and help you buy the perfect truck for your company.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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