Where to go for Waxing in Omaha

Body waxing has been around much longer than the bikinis most modern-day women are going hair-free for. The process now referred to as waxing was initially called “sugaring” when it was started by Egyptian women in 60 B.C. They prepared a solution from honey and used it in the same basic method as wax. Some people still use this method today as a natural alternative to chemical waxes.

Luckily today there are beauty options available for all women, so they can easily choose the methods and products which suit their own needs. Waxing in Omaha is done professionally and perfectly at Omaha’s Hair Choice.

Since 1985 omaha’s hair choice has been making the people of Omaha even more beautiful. They offer body waxing, manicures, pedicures, a full range of hair care services and much more. Their unique method of pricing services allows you to choose whether to pay more or less for the same service. The more experienced and educated the stylist is, the higher their rate.

You will have the option of choosing their new stylists with as little as a year’s experience all the way up to their highest level with over 10 years of experience. This allows the clients to be able to choose what they can afford, so the services are accessible to everyone.

The Waxing in Omaha is offered for bodies and faces. They offer all of the hottest waxing styles including Brazilian waxes or Sphinx Wax.
At Omaha’s Hair Choice they want their clients to be comfortable. They offer a relaxing atmosphere with coffee and refreshments always available to everyone. They offer a loyalty program to ensure regular customers are able to save even more off their already reasonable prices.

The skilled and licensed professionals at omaha’s hair choice guarantee you will love the look they help you to achieve. In fact they are so dedicated to making their clients happy, they will work with you until you have the look you were seeking if something does not work out right this time.

You can schedule an appointment online or on the phone. All new customers are eligible for a special discount coupon when you join their email list.

Omaha's Hair Choice

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