Where to Sell a Diamond in Marietta

If you have found yourself a little short on money lately and are looking for a simple solution, the answer may be as close as your jewelry box. Metal prices are still exceptional, and unwanted or broken jewelry could be the solution to your temporary money issues.

If you are concerned about sending your jewelry away and being left waiting for a check or going to an out of state company operating from a temporary office, there is another choice. In the Atlanta area, you can bring your unwanted jewelry to pawn shops and some jewelry stores and sell diamond in Marietta.

One place to consider is Happy Hocker Jewelry and Loan, you can sell or pawn your jewelry to get the instant cash you need . All jewelry is checked on-site for quality, gold is weighed and checked for purity and accurate values are placed on everything.They buy gold, silver, loose diamonds, watches, coins and more. You can sell the jewelry or pawn it to get a loan that will help you through your financial dry spell. They offer 30-day collateral loans based on the value of the item you bring in to the shop. You do not need to have good credit as no credit check is ever performed.

Unlike selling outright to someone else, you have the opportunity to rethink the sale when you pawn and purchase your item back again. Additionally, you can trust that with them you are getting the maximum value for your jewelry.

Since they also repair jewelry, if while searching through your jewelry box for something to sell you find something you would like repaired, bring that in as well. They can give you a free estimate on repairing any item you bring to them.They have been in the jewelry repair business for over 24 years. They can size jewelry, remount diamonds, refinish, restore and much more. They also carry a large selection of jewelry items for sale. They keep all of the top names in jewelry including Tiffany, Rolex, Omega and more.

If you need cash, need to repair a piece of jewelry or want to sell diamond in Marietta there are many places you can choose from. But, only one offers all of these services and are a company you can trust 100 percent. That company is the Happy Hocker Jewelry and Loan.

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