Why You Need a Contractor for Hail Damage in Fountain, CO

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Hail Damage costs homeowners over a billion dollars in repairs each year in the U.S. With a potential size of three inches or greater and a travel speed of up to 100 miles per hour, hail stones are very dangerous. Just one severe hail storm could pose a serious threat to your roof, windows, and personal safety. This is why consumers are urged to contact a roofer for hail damage in Fountain CO area in the event a hailstorm passes by.

Roof Damage

Unfortunately, most people are not able to locate the damage caused by a hailstorm when it is on the roof. It should never be assumed that there was no damage from the storm. For those who feel comfortable climbing on a ladder, inspecting the roof on their own can be done. For those who are not as comfortable, hiring a contractor to inspect the roof right away is ideal.

Window/Skylight Damage

Hail can also be very damaging to the windows and skylights in your home. There are obvious signs of damage that include broken glass, which you can easily see once the storm has passed. However, other signs of damage could include broken frames, which may not be noticeable to the untrained eye.

Gutter Damage

Gutters and downspouts are also vulnerable to hail damage. Visible damage on the gutters might include dimpled or dented metal; however, other damage that affects functionality may not be as easy to pinpoint. Once hail has damaged the gutters, the finish will begin to wear off, causing the gutters to deteriorate at a faster pace.

Whether you believe your home is undamaged or that the damage is minimal, having a thorough inspection after a hailstorm is essential to the structural integrity of your home. Prolonging the inspection for fear of costs will only resort in more property damage. If you have insurance coverage for Hail Damage Fountain CO, you may be able to have inspections and repairs performed at no cost to you. Roofers are suitable contractors for inspections of roofs, windows, skylights, and gutters to ensure that your home is in good condition after such a trying storm.

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