Why a Sautoir Necklace Is a Must-Have Accessory for Every Woman

The current availability of sautoir necklaces has not always been the case. It’s a piece of jewelry that was once reserved for the rich and elite to own. Fortunately, you can now have the same regal look that was held in reserve for so many years and unavailable to the masses. When you accessorize with an elegant sautoir necklace, you can elevate your sense of style in a new way.

A Look of Regal Elegance

The sautoir necklace is traditionally a four-foot long piece of jewelry that was previously reserved for those of regal backgrounds and pedigree, primarily due to the cost. However, in recent years, with jewelry becoming more affordable, these necklaces can be found gracing the necks of more women from all walks of life. The restrictions of the past are no longer in place; these and other jewelry pieces have quickly become a mainstay accessory for any woman.

Perfect with Any Wardrobe Choice

One great feature of the sautoir necklace is how it has transcended from the initial use in the coattails and gown formal atmosphere to everyday use for the modern woman in any setting. It’s a jewelry accessory that can be used no matter what you plan to wear. It looks as elegant with jeans and a top as it does with a dress. It’s all in the exact style you choose. For instance, the streamlined, simple look of the Irresistible B line from Benedicte de Boysson looks great with a more casual look, while something more elaborate like the Marquise des Anges, typically works better for a dressy look.

An Adjustable Look and Fit

Even though the actual necklace is quite long, you can adjust the length by doubling the necklace up and creating layers. Swirl it into two or three layers, depending on the look you want to achieve on that particular day. Sautoir necklaces offer a flexible way to create a personalized look and fit made for your individual style. It’s one accessory you’ll love to use again and again.

Add a look of true elegance to your wardrobe accessories this year with a sautoir necklace. It’s a simple way to add dimension and visual appeal to anything you wear. If you’re ready to add one or more to your list of accessories, visit the Benedicte de Boysson website for a selection of elegant sautoir necklaces.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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