Why Regular Maintenance and Auto Repair is Important

A responsible vehicle owner and driver will try to keep his or her car in the best working condition possible. Not only does this provide enhanced performance, it also prevents break downs and accidents. In colder climates, drivers and car owners should take special care to avoid costly auto repair, parts changing and break downs in inclement weather.

For those of us who believe in driving safely and comfortably, the regular tune up is a necessity. Taking your car to the auto repair shop for tune ups can ensure that your vehicle performs optimally, by making certain the engine and ignition components are in good shape. Regular maintenance at the auto repair shop also helps to catch small problems before they turn into larger more serious issues that can result in breakdowns and accidents. Most auto repair shops will provide preventive maintenance along with a wide range of auto services. You need to regularly get your brakes and other safety mechanisms checked. If you experience any of the following with your brakes you should get them checked immediately:

  • Low Pedal indicates the parts have to be inspected and replacement of worn components is due.
  • Spongy Pedal might be suggestive of air in the brake system, the mechanic would have to bleed the system, swap drums and substandard quality brake hoses if needed.
  • Pedal pulsation may indicate that loose components are in the system. Loose wheel bearings or calipers may also be causative of pulsation. Damaged tires may also produce the pulsation.
  • Brake drag is experienced when the lining is in regular contact with the rotor or drum. Brake drag can occur in any one, multiple wheels or all of the wheels.
  • Brake fade is experienced when brake drag causes overheating. This condition is also caused by riding the brake pedal, making frequent high deceleration stops in quick succession or constant braking on steep hilly roads.
  • Wheel and tire problems may often be wrongly ascribed to faulty brake components. Worn out tires with little tread produce the same grab like condition as faulty braking. The effect is caused by the tire as it loses and recovers traction.

Brake maintenance is a serious issue and should be handled by skilled technicians. Many auto repair shops offer warranty on parts and labor to ensure customer satisfaction. Save money on better fuel economy and longer tire life through regular upkeep, tune ups and auto repair. Wilkes Barre PA residents can get their cars and vehicles tuned up by experienced mechanics in the area.

All automotive repair and mechanic services at T & F Tire Supply Company Inc. are performed by highly qualified mechanics.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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