Why Should You Get an Oil Change and When?

Keeping your car running smoothly is essential. Usually this entails proper and constant maintenance to keep it running efficiently. Things like tune-ups, tire checks/replacements, getting an Oil Change Tempe, and even keeping your car clean to preserve it’s body and interior. The most important out of these would be the oil change, as oil’s primary job is to lubricate the engine to keep it free from contaminants and keep the metal parts moving against each other without friction.

Oil should be changed as often as every 3,000 miles for non-synthetic oil and every 5,000 for full synthetic oil. Changing your oil is the cheapest, but easiest way to keep your vehicle running good and avoid a lot of costly repairs. As said before, oil is very important to keep your engine’s metal parts lubricated. If your oil is old and thick, it can clog up portions of your engine, making those parts have a harder time moving.

Another tip when dealing with your vehicle’s oil, is to make sure that you purchase the full synthetic oils as they tend to last longer than the non-synthetic oils. Prolonging the life of your oil this way, means you won’t have to change it as often and will end up saving money in the long run even though full synthetic oils can cost more. If you’re unsure of which type your vehicle has, when you go for your next Oil Change in Tempe you can ask your technician to use full synthetic. You can also use purchase and use full synthetic oil yourself if you plan on changing your oil at home yourself, which a lot of people do to save both time and money these days.

The best thing that you can do for not only your car, but yourself as well, is to find a trustworthy auto repair shop that can do your Oil Change Tempe for you. Find one where the technicians discuss and educate their customers on what is best to keep their vehicle running safe and on the road. Even the best repair shops can’t see into the future, but they can keep well informed of your car’s current and future problems.

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