Different styles in Roofing Seattle

When it comes to Roofing Seattle, there are different areas that need to be considered. There is the residential and commercial. The types of roofs vary, depending on what type of setup you want for business. On the residential aspect of the industry there are, several different concepts you can choose from.

The first of which I will be talking about is a Mansard roof. This roof typically has four slopes in which two slopes on each side of the house. The lower slope has a more steeper pitch to it versus then the upper slope. Now the upper slope is typically not visible from ground level. This a french style type of roof which allows for more living spaces on the upper floors or if you choose additional storage space. The roof is composed of shingles.

The Salt box type style roof is one in which it look very unique. It typical has a asymmetrical pitched roof in which it is very long on one side. With it being very short on the other side. When this type of roof is imposed on a building it will make for one side of the building being one story, and the other being two story.

The Gambrel is a type of roof in which it could be very similar to the Mansard roof. The difference of the roof compared to the other is that this one has its roof over hang and has vertical gable ends. In comparison to this style and the Mandrel roof is that the Mandrel is inspired by the french and the Gambrel is inspired by the dutch.

Another style roof to consider is the pyramid style roof. It is sometimes better to consider this type of style when you have small potions of the house to cover. It is also very good to use this for pool houses and garages. Some people like to use this style on more extravagant homes.

If you are looking for a more practical commercial Roofing in Seattle, then a hip roof might be your best choice. This roof is a lot like the pyramid roof, except for the fact that the roof dose not peak like a pyramid but flatten out on the top. This design more practical from an architectural stand point.


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