Why Student Apartments Should Be Your First Choice in Gainesville, FL

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If you have decided where you are going to go to college, the next step is to decide where you will be living while doing so. While college dorms might instantly come to mind, your real best bet is moving into 3-bedroom apartments in Gainesville, FL.


When you live in a dorm, you are stuck with the furniture and a lot of the decor that the college provides. However, living in your own apartment gives you the opportunity to decorate however you see fit. Plus, if you have your own bed or a favorite armchair, you can bring it along.

Break Out of The Bubble

Living on campus can put you in a bit of a bubble. You’re basically constantly surrounded by college students, and that’s about it. To get a better feel for the actual culture of where you are living, it makes much more sense to live in a student apartment away from the campus. By doing this, you are immersed in the actual city, not just frat houses.


When you live in a dorm room, you are paying the same fee no matter how many people you are crammed in there with. However, having roommates in 3-bedroom apartments in Gainesville, FL, allows you to split the rent with two other individuals, thus making it significantly cheaper.

If you are interested in learning more about student apartments, please contact Lark Gainesville at https://larkgainesville.com/ to take a tour of the property and see what is available.

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