Why the Dry Suit is Replacing the Wetsuit for Many Divers

The word “Wetsuit” has been an intrinsic part of the diver’s vocabulary for decades, but now this tried and true piece of diving apparel is starting to get passed over in favor of a new one – the dry suit. This suit is designed to keep divers dry and warm, and it offers a few advantages wetsuits cannot. The suit is particularly useful for some specific industries and projects where a wetsuit just isn’t as practical.

How Dry Suits Work
The drysuit is often made of neoprene, the same material as a wetsuit. The difference is that the dry version of the suit has seals at the neck and wrists to prevent water from getting into the suit. The suit does not have the “Second skin” tight fit of a wetsuit either, but rather has a cushion of air within the suit that can be adjusted, depending on depth. This air acts as an insulator to help keep the diver warm and it can be used to counteract the effects of increasing pressure at greater depths.

Advantages of Dry Suits
The major advantage of the dry suit is comfort. It is warmer, dryer, and generally more comfortable than a wetsuit, at least while you are under water. It allows you to dive comfortably even in very cold water. When coupled with a full face mask, it allows you to have radio communication with other divers or with the surface. Dry suits can be inflated or vented to help deal with water pressure and allow more controlled ascent and descent. Perhaps the best feature is that when the suit is removed after diving, your clothes underneath are dry, so you’re not left shivering wet in the cold waiting to towel off.

Applications for Dry Suits
Dry suits are more common in commercial diving applications than recreational ones, although they are still occasionally used for boating water sports and serious sport diving. They are very popular with rescue workers as they maintain warmth in and out of the water. Their durability and comfort makes them popular for underwater construction work and welding as well.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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