Why Use Manual Wheelchairs in St Louis, MO

When people suffer disabilities and have to be confined to a mobility device, such as a wheelchair, many think that getting the person an electric wheelchair is ideal. However, there are scenarios where a manual wheelchair might actually be more advantageous to the user than an electric wheelchair. There is a medical equipment supplier that sells Manual Wheelchairs in St Louis MO to users who place orders from all over. Here is a look at how manual wheelchairs might be better for certain users than electric wheelchairs.

Why Use Manual Wheelchairs

A definite advantage to having a manual wheelchair will reveal itself during an electrical storm when the power goes out because it will not affect the manual wheelchair. Electric wheelchairs rely on being charged up in order to work and when the power fails, the user will only be able to use it until power can be restored to the chair. Another advantage of the manual wheelchair is that others will be able to push it if the user should need that service. Electric wheelchairs are often very heavy and cumbersome to try to push.

More about Using Manual Wheelchairs

When the disabled is traveling, a manual wheelchair can easily be folded and placed in the trunk of a car or in the backseat if necessary. This can’t happen with an electric wheelchair which will require its own space, a lift, and a ramp. One final advantage to look at is if a person in a manual wheelchair bumps into someone or something else, there is little chance of injuring a person or damaging property. The electric wheelchair can cause serious injury to anyone who is hit by it or damage property if it runs into it.

Purchasing a Manual Wheelchair

There are many medical supply centers that offer equipment like wheelchairs, rollators, and other mobility equipment. Med X Change LLC is a medical equipment supply store that sells medical equipment and other supplies to people who are in need. If a person wants to purchase Manual Wheelchairs in St Louis MO, the supplier is available. Get more information at the website, medxchangestl.com.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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