Historic Dream House?

The thing about buying that older home you love is that it often comes with an older kitchen. That older kitchen can come with a lot of problems, including but not limited to inefficient appliances, obsolete wiring, and deteriorating pipes. You might think that you can live with it – until you move in and experience the frustration of vital systems and appliances from the previous century. Everything needs updating once in a while. Building codes and technology evolve to make homes safer and more efficient – and there’s no reason that they can’t be beautiful, too.

Make it Yours

A kitchen remodel does more than add value to your home; it can become the central part of the house – expansive enough for more than meals, and beautiful enough for entertaining. Even smaller homes can benefit from an update that includes new kitchen cabinets, flooring, and surfaces for a modern look or an authentic historical vibe. Working with a professional, local company can open up realms of possibility when it comes to kitchen designs.

Get the Look

There are so many ways to style your kitchen, from ultra-modern to farmhouse to a faithful replica of great-great-grandma’s kitchen 100 years ago. Even when pursuing historical accuracy, there are ways to have the look of a 100-year-old kitchen with all the modern efficiencies. An experienced kitchen and bath remodeling company has all the tools you need to get the kitchen (or bath) of your dreams.

Go Pro!

Unless you’re a ten on the DIY chops scale, it’s hard to get the kitchen you want with your own labor. Hiring professionals who are licensed and insured means you’re getting experience and best practices on the job from day one. Acorn Kitchen and Bath has the expertise and professionalism you need to get a kitchen remodel that you’ll love for all the years that you own your Troy MI home.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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