Hair Loss is No Joke

Most people will have seen the old cartoons about toupees coming adrift at a vital moment, or had a secret chuckle at someone’s efforts to achieve an effective comb-over in order to hide that unwelcome bald spot, but the reality is that baldness is no joke. A receding hairline or ever-increasing expanse of skin on the top of the head can cause a range of distressing conditions which make sufferers miserable and may even endanger their life. Find out the risks which hair loss can bring and what can be done to ameliorate them.

Reduced Sun Protection

One of the many advantages of having a full head of hair is that it provides protection to the delicate skin of the scalp. Not only does hair keep our heads warm during the winter, but during the summer it provides an effective barrier against the sun’s rays. As hair loss accelerates this protection is lost, leaving the scalp vulnerable to increased UV radiation. While the obvious remedy is to invest in hair transplant surgery, apply sun cream or wear a hat, many people simply forget or don’t realize just how much skin is now on show. If the problem remains unresolved, the unprotected skin is more prone to developing problems associated with UV damage such as skin cancer; after all, the top of our heads is closer to the sun which makes it more susceptible.

Psychological Problems

Hair loss is a stark reminder that old age is creeping up. The feeling that life is passing you by and that maybe you haven’t achieved all those teenage dreams can exert a powerful, negative effect on your psyche. Often known as a mid-life crisis, sufferers can start to engage in desperate, unsuitable attempts to hold back the years, or even sink into a depressive state. Many people also feel that a bald head is unappealing and have difficulty believing they’re still attractive, desirable human beings. This sense of inadequacy can devastate personal relationships as well as make it difficult to form new friendships and socialize effectively. Locating a clinic which offers hair transplant surgery and having the treatment performed can be a life changer for patients whose mental health has been traumatized by unwelcome alterations in their hair’s thickness and volume.

Offered by medical facilities, hair transplant surgery is a low risk and extremely effective technique which can achieve permanent results. Particularly when patients opt for follicle grafting (often performed using NeoGraft) the bald spot can be completely covered by natural hair again. Unpleasant side effects are very rare and the minimally invasive nature of the treatment allows patients to go home the same day. No general anesthetic is required. The Dr. Wise Center for facial plastic surgery in New Jersey provides hair transplant surgery as well as many other popular cosmetic treatments, so it’s worth getting in touch with them for further information on how to restore your hair to its former glory.

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