Things to consider when buying outdoor deck lighting

For anyone who has ever seen a properly lit deck; maybe at a high end resort or at a mountain ski area, they will often want to replicate the ambiance and feeling once they return to their home. To do so there is a need to understand outdoor deck lighting and the types of lights that can be used in specific situations. The key to effective and attractive deck lighting is to ensure that the appropriate lamps and light fixtures are employed.

The first rule when lighting any deck is simple; don’t overdo it, it is not the tarmac at the airport that you are lighting, a far more dramatic effect can be had when lights are used sparingly. Soft light is far better than harsh, bright light; soft light has a tendency to emphasize the features of a beautifully designed and constructed deck.

Deck lighting needs to be directed either up or down, in most instances the light will be directed downward. This approach to deck lighting emphasizes the quality of the woodwork and it helps immensely from the point of view of safety. Well designed outdoor deck lighting combines the best of both worlds; the aesthetic expectation and the provision of safe access and movement in and around the deck.

Omni-directional lighting is not recommended for use on a deck for a couple of good reasons. Firstly it can be too much light for the area as light has the tendency to flood and overlap, the lighting ends up uneven which highlights areas haphazardly and certainly is not the most attractive lighting. Furthermore the lighting can reflect off other nearby structures, this aggravates an already unfavorable condition as the light becomes even more uneven. Well designed outdoor deck lighting certainly does not highlight areas that are better off left in the dark.

Depending on the design the homeowner can opt for either wired or wireless lights. Wireless lights rely on solar power to charge the batteries. In most cases the deck is at least partially shaded during the day; hence the better option is usually low voltage wired lights. As there are plenty of options for running the wire it is rarely necessary to have the wires showing which can be less than attractive.

There is a wide choice available for deck lighting; most lights are fixed directly to the deck or a wall in close proximity. Some homeowners prefer to keep their deck free from any unnecessary permanent apparatus so they opt to mount the lights on poles that are located strategically just off to the sides of the deck.

Properly designed and executed outdoor deck lighting takes considerable thought and access to a wide range of lighting products suitable for the task. If you are about to embark on a deck lighting project you are invited to shop online at Touchstone Accent Lighting.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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