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Medically-supervised weight loss clinics are for people who need assurance in their attempt to diet. Some people may have a lot of weight to lose, and they are afraid to drastically reduce calories. On the other hand, individuals may have conditions like diabetes and hypertension and feel they need a doctor’s care. These type of clinics offer safe and effective diet plans, weight loss supplements and exercise therapy.

People who need Quick Weight Loss in North Haven should consult with Medical Weight Loss Solutions. They have several years of experience helping patients lose weight, whether it is fifty pounds or fifteen. Prospective clients must have a medical exam before they participate in any program. The physician reviews the medical history, blood work, EKG, and blood pressure. One of the popular programs is VLCD or very low calorie diet. This program is for people who need to lose weight quickly because they are obese and may have other health issues. The VLCD program contains two phases. The active weight loss phase lasts about six to twelve weeks. Next, the patient transitions into the maintenance phase which lasts six to nine months. VLCD patients receive:

  • weekly one-on-one office visits with a nutritionist
  • blood work every other week
  • weekly body composition testing

Potential health benefits include reduced blood pressure and lower blood sugar levels. Other people who want Quick Weight Loss in North Haven may benefit from an LCD (low-calorie diet.) This plan is for people who need to lose fifteen pounds or less. Patients also receive medical guidance in this eight-week program. One of the latest weight loss tools is LipoFast, an intramuscular injection. This injection contains vitamins B6, B12 and amino acids, choline, inositol, and methionine. The injection works on the metabolism to dissolve fat in parts of the body that may be resistant to exercise. Exercise is also available at these clinics. Patients can exercise with a personal trainer or in a small group. When individuals decide to lose excess weight, it’s good to know that there are choices. Call and get a consultation and begin your weight loss journey.

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