Integrated Access Solutions for Commercial Projects

Access Solutions for Commercial Projects, residential construction projects, and architectural updates and improvements need to be customized to be efficient and effective for a given situation. Security systems are not cookie cutter products that suit all projects’ needs for safety and access. The security system depends on the location of the project, the nature of the project, and the size of the project. You need opening and access solutions that are going to be appropriate for your construction or remodelling site. You need a company that has the capacity and experience to design an entire security system that allows access to specific people.

A team should first look at your work climate and culture in order to recommend unique security solutions for the project. They will also take into consideration the size and scope of the work area itself and surrounding structures. System engineers and a computer-aided design (CAD) team need to work together to develop a functional design that will optimize the efficiency of your new security system. Once you approve the designs, a project manager will supervise security technology installation to make sure every stage of implementation is installed correctly on time and within budget. A delay in a project start can be expensive, so you will appreciate that your security will be in place before the starting date arrives.

Not every administrator or supervisor is completely familiar with Access Solutions for Commercial Projects. It is important that all end users know how security functions and operates on the job. Training and instructions are provided either in-house or on-site, depending on your preference. Ongoing maintenance of your system is vital throughout the project to prevent accidents and unauthorized access. A full fleet of vehicles with trained staff available, 24/7 will be on-call for any issues, repairs or maintenance needs. The company administrator can have remote access to the entire system from any location that has internet access. You can authorize or deny entry to anyone via your desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone, or mobile device. That allows you to remain in control even if you are not on-site.

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