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Seeds From Maples, Acorns From Oaks, and Rain Gutter Repair in Bothell Wa

The city of Bothell has an abundance of oak and maple trees, which brings extra beauty to residential and commercial properties. Unfortunately, those trees can also cause headaches for homeowners dealing with a plethora of helicopter seeds whirling into the rain gutters in springtime and acorns dropping in fall. If Gutter Repair in Bothell Wa should be completed, getting the project done before these times of year is essential.


Botanically, tree seeds that whirl are known as samaras. The design allows them to be lifted far from the tree by wind. Nevertheless, most fall fairly close to their parent tree, cluttering up yards, driveways and rain gutters with seeds.

Timing for Repair Work

Gutter Repair in Bothell Wa should be completed by the end of winter at the latest on properties with maple trees. The seeds may clog up the downspouts and cause rain to overflow the gutters. The weight of the water in the gutters can cause sagging as the troughs pull away from the building.

Maples cause trouble in fall, too, since they shed an enormous number of leaves that have brightened up the property with gold, orange and red hues. Around the same time, oaks begin dropping an astounding number of acorns. Those nuts also function as seeds, but they are scattered differently than the samaras. For instance, squirrels gather acorns and bury them in various places a good distance from the tree.

Sprouting Seeds

Nuts are unlikely to sprout into oak trees in the rain gutters, but maple seeds are notorious for doing so if they aren’t cleared away soon enough. The fertile muck that develops in dirty gutters is a haven for maple tree growth. The sight of tiny maple trees in rain gutters might seem charming or amusing except that it makes the home look unkempt and neglected.

Gutter Covers

After repairs have been completed by technicians from a company like High Point Gutter, the homeowners might want to have those workers install covers on the troughs to prevent the accumulation of seeds, leaves and nuts. Now they won’t have to keep clearing out the gutters and feeling irritable about the trees.

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Author: Myrtice Lovett

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