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Is It True the Color of Granite Countertops Affects If They Chip or Stain?

The idea of building a new house or remodeling one can be an exciting idea. Homeowners with an idea of how their dream house will look are awed when the dream finally comes true. They’ve chosen their favorite colors, shapes, textures and other things to make the rooms pop. If you’re a resident in Miami, you can also choose granite countertops in Miami, FL. Here are some important things you should know about the color of your countertops.

Dark Colors

Granite comes in dozens of colors, from stark white to the darkest black and everything in between. The more readily available colors such as black, red and brown tend to be harder stone and take longer to cut from the earth than their lighter-colored brethren. However, darker-colored granite slabs require less sealing than light-colored slabs, if sealing is needed at all.

Light Colors

Beige, gold, white and light gray all look gorgeous in granite countertops in Miami, FL. It’s said that light-colored granite slabs are softer than dark colors. The truth is that granite is made up of about 45 percent quartz crystals which are a white and very hard stone. So whatever color you choose, your granite countertops won’t chip or crack.

Fast Facts

Many questions are raised about granite’s ability to withstand heat and chipping or cracking. The truth is that whether you choose a dark- or light-color granite, you’d have to take a blowtorch to it for the granite to suffer from heat. Along the same lines, granite slabs are most susceptible to chipping or cracking during shipment of the stone. So dropping something on your finished countertop isn’t likely to dent it.

Questions are also raised about staining granite. Although porous, the stone is sealed before installation. As long as liquids and oils are wiped clean immediately, no staining should occur. Staining usually comes from oils on the counters. Simple soap and water is all that’s necessary to clean it.

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