Steps To Prepare For Bed Bug Exterminators In Brooklyn

Bed bugs are a huge problem and will only get worse if not properly taken care of by bed bug exterminators in Brooklyn area professionals. Before the exterminator arrives at your house, you must do some preparation to your home. These steps will ensure that the bed bug infestation is properly eradicated.

Purchase sealable plastic bags. Strip your bed and place your bed sheets, blankets, pillowcases and pillows in a bag and close it tightly. Place all the clothing in your house, including the clothes in the dresser drawers and closets, in the plastic bags and close tightly. Vacuum all the shoes and seal them in bags.

Wash all bedding and clothes in hot water, take them to the dry cleaner or throw them away. Throw out each bag after emptying it. After washing and drying each item, place it into another, unused plastic bag and seal it.

Vacuum your entire house thoroughly, especially the bedroom. Vacuum underneath the bed, the entire mattress, the box springs and bed frame. Vacuum all of the other furniture in your house including chairs and couches. Empty the contents out of dressers, closets, bookshelves and wall units, and then vacuum. Remove all pictures and decorations from the walls and vacuum. After vacuuming the smaller items, place them in plastic sealable bags.

After vacuuming, empty the bags outdoors, seal them closed in a plastic bag and place the bag in the trash bin outside.

You will need to be away from your house for a specified amount of time that your exterminator requests while he is spraying the chemicals. You will also have to make arrangements for pets to be out of the house.

The exterminator will schedule a follow up visit in a few weeks. In the meantime, keep all of the furniture and closets cleared of the contents.

Purchase mattress covers that are especially made for covering the bed after a treatment for bed bugs. These mattresses will protect you from the chemicals used to treat the infestation.

If you follow these steps in preparation for the bed bug exterminators expert, your bug infestation should be quickly eradicated. Be sure to follow any specific instructions from the exterminator before and after the treatment.

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